Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Amazonian Ebook Scam - Talk with a Real Amazon Associate Rep

After heard about all these claims made about earning $19,000 in one month with a few sites

I saw someone post on a internet marketing forum that they had phoned amazon to enquire about this

I thought that was a great idea so I went ahead and did it myself

I phone Amazon.com ( USA ) and the Australian one

Here is my conversation

Me : I heard that someone made $19,000 in november 2010 from their earnings.
Rep: That is alot
Me: Yes they are selling an ebook on how they do it, do you think thats possible? and have you heard about anyone making that much?
Rep: No we havent heard of anyone having made that much. We do have people with large traffic sites who make a good amount but no where close to that. The highest I have personally seen is between $5,000 and $10,000 but they are a major website online with a large community and have been around for years. Usually we hear from each other if someone is making a lot as its our job to investigate that people are using legit methods. So no we have not heard of anyone who is making $19,000
ME: thanks

Well folks you have been warned!... dont buy it, you have been warned. It's funny how a person comes out with an ebook quickly showing people how to do it.

You would think if you were struggling a year ago that you would keep your methods to yourself and stick at it. Instead they are all over the map telling everyone.. why?? snif sniff.. I smell a lie

$97 ebook

I would love to see them PROVE me wrong by commenting on the blog here and showing real PROOF.

Show us the sites you use
Show us the actual CHECKS you receive

This has been another SCAM ALERT!

Amazonian Faking Earning Screenshots - How its done

But your asking.. HOW, they show screenshots of their earnings

They Dont show screensots of checks ( oh they will say they get them deposited )
They dont show videos of checks ( oh cashed them already lol )

Here is how its done with CLICKBANK, same applies for amazon and many many other places.. Its simple as using Adobe photoshop and in some cases javascript

Amazonian Profit Plan scam - time to do the math!

Amazon Stats for Nov 2009Ok so lets realistically look at this. In december 2008 they claimed they were making only $500 a month doing affiliate marketing. By December 2009 they claimed they were making $14,000 http://www.affiliateblogonline.com/2009/12/02/how-much-did-we-make-on-amazon-this-month/

Then by November of 2010 they claimed they made over $19,000 http://www.affiliateblogonline.com/2010/12/03/how-much-did-we-make-on-amazon-in-november-2010/

Now what you have to realize here is when a person starts promoting Amazon Products, they start out at the base rate of 4%. Their claims are they are earning 8.5% per sale

Now they mention they have 20 sites and in the audio with james martell they said only 4 ofthose  sites were generating them the majority of sales

They also say they dont build sites with lots of pages, they  work only on a max of  about 5 pages and then spend 10 weeks getting links into them

Do the math folks. 2008 to 2009. 12 Months

10 weeks is around 2 months for 5pages

12 divided by 2 is 6 so at max they would only be able to do this 6 times.

$500 to $14,000 in 1 year ( based on 2009 details )
$14,000 to $19,000 in 1 more year


Lets say an average order they get is $100, even at the LOWRATEOF   8% that is $8 they made
Lets be generous, Lets say each time they make a sale its for a $200 product, 8% is $16 they made

Also bear in mind Most people dont spend $100 or even $200 each time they buy at amazon this is known fact

Now to generate $19,000 at $8 commission on each $100 you would have to sell around 2,400 Products each one being $100 to get around $19,200

Now if they are making for each sell $16 based on each sale being $200 they would have to sell in a given month 1,200 products

That works out to  around 40 products sold a day if its 1,200 in a month
That works out to around 80 products sold a day if its 2, 400 in a month

Now being as even the BIGGEST heavily traffic sites online wont even come close to doing 10 amazon sales a day off Natural traffic Never mind them all being $100 or $200 sales.

Chances of them having earned $19,000 is very very very unlikely!!!! its even laughable!

Amazonian Profit Plan Claims

I shouldn't say its the claims of the book but really its the authors. They claim to have made in 1 Month $19,000

I first hear about this when i listened to the audio here http://jamesmartell.com/coffee-talk/how-to-earn-10k-per-month-promoting-amazon-profits/   at this time it was discussion on earning 10K ( another lie )

I then saw James Martell ( who himself loves to make out that he makes money from affiliate marketing but doesnt - instead he spends all his time PROMOTING his affiliate bootcamp, and talking about a car he once was able to afford to buy ) posted another audio here http://www2.webmasterradio.fm/affiliate-buzz/2010/12/19/aussie-affiliate-marketers-making-money/  Here we know see claims of over $80,000 being made.

If they didnt think people were big enough IDIOTS they up the anty!

Now their current website claims 10K http://www.amazonianprofitplan.com/

Now stay with me... because I am going to share with you some interesting facts that will save you your hard earned cash.. Whatever you do... dont buy their ebook

amazonian profit plan ebook

I'm writing this review of amazonian profit plan ebook written by australian Paula Carnogoy and Wanda Sowden who own the site http://www.affiliateblogonline.com/

I wish to alert people to the SCAM that they are doing which is very common with online businesses I will even go into why they are doing it.

I have nothing to profit from this other than my desire to Alert the general public to this and hopefully save some people from spending their hard earned money on dishonest crap

They currently sell this ebook for $97